What types of hair loss are there in women?

Female type of androgenic alopecia (most common)
The hair becomes thinner at the top of the head, shorter and contains less pigment
Male type of androgenic alopecia (rare form)
Hair loss due to iron deficiency
Hair loss due to thyroid disorder
Hair loss due to ovarian cyst
Hair loss due to stress.

What types of hair loss are there in men?

Most hair loss in men has a genetic background
The scalp is oily, ragged, with flakes
There is a history of anxiety
Hair loss starts from the forehead, and then continues to the full disclosure of the top of the head
Clinical picture is usually sufficient for the diagnosis

Why choose hair mesotherapy?

Medications are given locally
The doses are small
Undesired effects are negligible
The results are fast and efficient

What is hair mesotherapy?

A method of periodic application of medicinal cocktails, used to prevent further hair loss, improve the quality of existing hair and stimulate new hair growth.

How does the mesotherapy treatment look like?

On average it takes 10 sessions, each lasting about 15 minutes. Special cocktails are used, which are applied with a special mesoinjector (gun). This is a method that is used around the world, as a prevention of hair loss.

What is the difference between hair mesotherapy and other treatments?

Superiority of this method is reflected in the fact that, unlike other conventional medical treatments, it uses very small doses of medicinal cocktails, and the side effects are considered non-existent, along with the fast and good effect.

Hair mesotherapy: Treatment that is applied periodically to prevent hair loss, improve the quality of existing hair and stimulate new hair growth.On average it takes 10 sessions, which each lasts about 15 minutes, and the application is done with special techniques, using special equipment. Treatments can be carried out once a week or once in 15 days or one month. The method is applied all over the world to prevent hair loss. Special medical cocktails are chosen, and administered in small doses, locally, and reach the capillaries of the scalp, so the effect is fast and good. Superiority of the method compared with other medical methods is excellent and fast results that are achieved with negligible side effects.