It’s an injection method, which promptly moisturizes the skin, and that means that it rejuvenates it. In this way, the active substance is applied in the troubled part of the face, neck and chest.

The most commonly used are products based on hyaluronan, a substance normally found in the skin. They are also products based on DMAE for improving skin tone, as well as embryonic extracts. The choice of the products depends on the problem which needs to be solved.

Biorevitalization provides a quick and a nice effect, while solving several problems. This method hydrates the skin, restores its structure and simultaneously stimulates fibroblasts (which produce collagen and elastin, responsible for skin tone and lovely oval face), but also achieves a powerful antioxidant effect.

This procedure improves facial color, makes the skin smoother and flatter, reduces the intensity of spots (hyperpigmentation) and helps heal scars.

Biorevitalization is different from application procedures of hyaluronan as a filler because this method does not only „fill“ wrinkles, cheeks, watery ridges, but is struggling with a variety of skin problems:

Dry, dehydrated, irritated skin, reduced muscle tone of the face and neck, correcting sagging skin of the body (abdomen, inner thighs, upper arms), aging, wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles on the chest, above the lips, dark circles under the eyes, smoker’s skin, enlarged pores and oily skin.