Acne mostly affects teenagers, and if not treated, they leave not only physical, but mental scars, sometimes for life.

„Clear Light“ laser emits a blue light that eliminates bacteria, which are one of the causes for acne. The principle of operation is based on the activation of „porphyrin“ molecules, whose activation leads to the elimination of bacteria, as well as inflammation reduction in acne.

„Clear Light“ uses technology that is a completely new tool in the hands of a dermatologist, and using this laser, improvement is visible in a very short period of time. The treatment is carried out two times a week, in a series of 8 treatments.

The procedure itself is completely painless and safe, the patient lies comfortably on the bed for about 20 minutes, while the blue light is emitted on the skin with acne. Everything is monitored by a computer to ensure optimal results.

After the treatment the patient returns to their normal activities, with no signs of irritation, redness or swelling, even during the summer!

The advantages of laser treatment of acne:

1. The treatment is much faster than the standard treatment for acne

2. The treatment can be applied to all parts of the body and face

3. Increased patient motivation because of the rapid results that can be seen 3 times faster than the standard results

4. It gives results after only 8 treatments

5. The treatment is painless and has no negative effects

6. The treatment doesn’t take much time, the patient can immediately return to their normal life activities