Feet, as organs for walking and communication, have a leading role in a person’s lifetime. Venous circulation disorders are a big concern of our contemporaries, partly because of aesthetics.

What are capillaries?

Dilated capillaries are permanent dilatation of intradermal mikrovenulas, whose diameter varies from 0. 1 to 1 mm. They appear in different forms:
In small isolated groups (branches)
Diffuse spider webs
In the form of lines

Where are most commonly capillaries found and with whom?

Certain areas have the most impact- inner and outer side of the knee – calf of the shin – the inner side of the ankle-outer thighs and face. Their color varies from light red to dark blue. Dilated capillaries are an extremely common problem, and as much as 67% of the total population is affected by it. The risk of dilated capillaries increases with age, and 71% of women in menopause have dilated capillaries.

Why do dilated capillaries occur?

Number of pregnancies (after the first pregnancy the risk is 23%, after the second and the third is 27%, and after the IV is 31%)
Genetic factor – there is no evidence against heredity, but lately it is considered that more crucial is the way of life than the genetic factors
The trauma – contusion, accident, waxing with hot wax,  cellulite treatments, pressotherapy, balneotherapy using jets
Vein therapy – sclerotherapy, laser, electrocoagulation
Weight – 29 to 39% of people who are overweight have enlarged capillaries
Working positions – closely related are the number of hours spent sitting and standing, and the total working time, with the appearance of varices.
Tight clothes – constipation

How to remove enlarged capillaries?

TC 3000 is a device which is at the very top of the world technology. It works on a high frequency current, which actually leads to a thermal lesion of capillaries.

How long does the treatment last, and how many are needed?

Capillary removal process takes 10 to 15 minutes
It is necessary to do a total of 3 procedures, the minimum time interval of 3 weeks
After the procedure you can continue with your normal activities without elastic bandage

What are the results of this treatment?

Immediate and permanent loss of capillaries
In the next few minutes there can appear small erythematous papules
Microscabs that appear in the next few days, and disappear in a few weeks
The procedure is uncomfortable, but not painful
No irritation and skin damage

What are the side effects?

Skin infection
Pregnancy and lactation
What are the advantages of this method?
Immediate disappearance of capillaries
Speed of the treatment – during one procedure it is possible to remove 80 to 100 cm of dilated capillaries
High efficiency
All sizes of dilated capillaries
All areas of the face and body
At the foot zones
For all skin types
During all seasons