Cryolift is a procedure where a cold probe is applied on the skin, leading to reflex constriction of blood vessels, followed by their dilatation-expansion. The skin becomes permeable for vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronan, oligoelements …

Cryolift is primarily recommended to revitalize sagging, tired, lifeless skin, then as treatment for oily, problematic skin, and skin with enlarged pores, also as recovery treatment after aggressive chemical and laser peels or surgery.

How does the procedure look like?

The treatment gives a feeling of washing your face with ice cubes, only with immediate effect. The first stage consists of cleansing the face from makeup and skin impurities. The second stage involves a gel massage. A special cocktail is applied to the skin, which contains 12 vitamins, oligoelements and amino acids, as well as collagen and hyaluronan … then the probe of the machine slides over the skin in straight and circular motions. The optimum temperature is -18C, but you can choose an individual mode of work.

After the procedure you have a pleasant feeling, and the lifting effect is immediately visible, the skin is slightly blushed, complexion becomes even, silky and springy to the touch. Smaller wrinkles disappear, and pores shrink.

It is necessary to do a series of 3 to 6 treatments, once a week.

Cryolift can be combined with mesolifting, almond, milk or azalaic peel with microdermabrasion.