In our center there are a number of different and highly effective procedures of medical cosmetology, performed by a specialist dermatologist or cosmetologist with high or medium medical education. Each cosmetic procedure is determined individually after consulting with a dermatologist, depending on the problem, age and wishes of the client.


Facials are carried out after an examination of a specialist dermatologist, and products of the highest quality and natural origin are used during the treatment.

The main or base facial treatment includes:
Vaporisation (steaming of the skin), ozonation and aromatherapy
Manual extraction of blackheads
Application of a special mask, depending on the condition of the skin
Application of d’Arsonval

According to the clients wishes the treatment may include a facial massage (cosmetics, talk ant therapeutic), an enzyme, Hollywood or aroma peel, electrophoresis, application of print masks, aromatherapy…

Medical treatment of acne

Acne is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands, usually of the face, chest and back. Treatment of acne is an ongoing process, and the sooner is started the effect is more pronounced. Self-treatment is always insufficient or ineffective and often dangerous, as it may lead to scarring. During the treatment of acne we use medical facials, chemical peels, mesotherapy, medication therapy and other modern methods. Our center has extensive experience in treating and curing acne.

Medical treatment of acne includes:

Brosage of the skin with glycolic acid gel 10 minutes
Enzyme facial peeling + vaporisation and ozonation 15 minutes
Manual extraction of blackheads
Local application of antiseptic camphor lotion
Facial massage with active massage gel, which contains antiseptic creams and keratolytic lotions 10 minutes
Application of a special combination of anti-inflammatory creams + tangerine peel off mask 15 minutes
Application of an intensive antiseptic serum
Application of d’Arsonval

If necessary, the treatment can include mesotherapy procedures with immunostimulators and ionophoresis.