The principle of „reinforcement“ of the skin in the purpose of lifting is known in cosmetology for more than 20 years. There are well-known techniques in which gold or platinum threads are used, then bioreinforcement with hyaluronic acid, which is a method for preserving the existing good skin tone. However, this method of improving the skin tone has had a number of negative effects, which is why it did not get a wide use in aesthetics. Golden threads, and other non-degradable threads, once placed, will remain in the skin for a lifetime, which restricts the client’s later use of other aesthetic procedures, whether it is miostimulation or a surgical facelift.

3D meso threads – a unique system of putting threads in the skin, which consists of a bending needle- „conductor“, and a thread that can be easily attached to all levels of the skin in all directions. Meso threads themselves are made of biodegradable materials, and thanks to that they completely disappear from the skin in 180 to 240 days. Their tenacity and the ability to be put in multiple directions and at multiple levels of the skin allows us to make specific and strong „reinforcement net“ in the skin, which blends harmoniously into the tissue, with no visible defects on the skin and limited mimicry. Around these threads a completely new collagen is formed in the skin, in the course of the next 2 months, which remains even after absorption and makes our natural thread. The lifting effect is visible immediately after treatment and is stable during the next 24 months, when the treatment is repeated.

The essence of this innovation is an effective lifting of the upper, middle and lower third of the face. Solving problems such as deep nasolabial wrinkles, deep lachrymal groove, particularly interesting is the correction technique of the horizontal forehead wrinkles, for Botox opponents, because in just 15 minutes it can solve that imperfection.

An interesting indication of 3D meso threads is the improvement of the skin tone and the removal of the excess skin on the arms, inner thighs, abdomen (after childbirth).

During the treatment anesthesia is not required, except for a mild anesthetic cream for the minimal tissue trauma, and the recovery with mild redness lasts only a day.

A wide range of techniques and methods of 3D meso threads application allows us to apply them to the complicated local limited parts of the skin of the face or body, such as very deep nasolabial wrinkles and vertical wrinkles on the forehead. The correction of the wrinkles takes only 4 to 6 threads.

The combination of 3D meso threads with hyaluronic acid in one procedure – allows us to discover new opportunities for aesthetic correction, in which deep wrinkles are covered by the 3D threads, and superficial soft wrinkles are removed using fillers. This combination allows us a colossal time saving in getting wonderful results.

The application of meso threads does not limit the mimicry, or everyday life, nor the use of other methods of modern cosmetic dermatology. So after only 3 weeks, we can apply radio waves, injection mesotherapy, laser peel or Botox.

Meso threads are commonly used for the successful removal of any loss of tone and in all places where the skin is „hanging“, so the basic indications are: very pronounced nasolabial wrinkles, vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles, the lacrimal groove, periorbital wrinkles, gravitational ptosis of the chin, wrinkles in front or behind the ear, lose eyebrow ends, neck and decolletage wrinkles, lose skin on the arms, thighs, knees and buttocks.

Our center is the first to introduce mesotherapy in aesthetic dermatology in Serbia, we have the most experience and performed treatments, and now we improve our mezotherapy range with the latest technique 3D meso threads and present it in Serbia at the same time it is presented in Paris, Moscow and Seoul.