Correction of dark circles – lachrymal groove

The most common problem with dark circles, which patients face is the lachrymal groove. If you do not know what this is, then you still don’t have it.

As we age, along with a decrease in the elasticity of the skin, the face, due to displacement of the soft tissues, looks like its „sliding“ down. This leads to the formation of the lacrimal groove, which is actually the wrinkle under the lower eyelid, which connects the inner corner of the eye with the cheekbone (cheek). This gives us an expression of a tired face, even when we’re not.

Surgical correction of this area does not always give satisfactory results and that’s why the lacrimal groove is usually filled with hyaluronan. This correction is most common in the field of contour plastic, after the correction of the nazolabial wrinkles, thanks to its excellent and fast effect.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and it is necessary to make a control examination in 1 to 2 months, when additional adjustments are performed if necessary.

The actual procedure is performed by medical specialists with many years of experience in working with hyaluronic fillers, and work in the area of the lower eyelid. The experience and skills of doctors are needed, because the skin of the lower eyelid is so delicate that you could read a newspaper through it. If an error occurs because of some inexperienced doctor, it usually leads to large swellings, which stretch this delicate skin to the extreme, and when the swellings pass, the skin remains rippling and lifeless.