The advantage of the laser hair removal is the fast achievement of excellent results. After only a few procedures, you can be completely free of unwanted hair.

The laser beam acts with heat to the hair follicle and the protein coat of the hair follicle, which contains the DNA of the hair. The beam acts on the pigment – melanin, which is located in the hair follicle and the hair. After just one procedure there is a noticeable loss of hair, and their thinning. „Spare“ follicles which are activated after 3 to 4 weeks are re-processed by the laser. So there is a complete removal of unwanted hair.

During the laser treatment you feel light and warm „tingling“. After epilation there can be slight redness and burning, as well as a small swelling, which passes in about 3 hours.


High efficiency
Acts solely on the hair without harming the skin and subcutaneous structures
The speed of the procedure
Convenient for sensitive areas (face, bikini)
The result is visible immediately after epilation
After the procedure the hairs don’t grow in the skin


Varicose Veins
Skin diseases at the stage of deterioration
Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
Oncology skin diseases
Acute infectious diseases and inflammatory processes
Recent sunbathing (not less than 2 weeks)
Before the procedure
Do not wax the hair for at least 4 weeks
Do not shave or remove with a cream for at least 7 days
Do not sunbathe and do not use creams for self-tanning 3 weeks before epilation

After laser epilation

In the next 3 days don’t use the pool, sauna, hot tubs
Use special creams by doctor recommendation
Limit the use of cosmetics
Before going out in a sunny day apply creams with sun protection factor of not less than 30
Removing hair with wax is not recommended, or with vibroepilator or electroepilation
It’s not recommended to sunbathe for 3 weeks after epilation