The long-awaited method, which can achieve sensational results in terms of body correction. Best results are achieved in the correction of excess fat in the area of the stomach, thighs, buttocks, dewlap, knees etc.

Tests have shown that on average mezodisolution can help you lose up to 6 inches in size, and in 90% of the clients there is significantly reduced cellulite after only 3 treatments . Mezodisolution – an instrument for the correction of certain areas. For example, if you are not overweight, but you have an under chin, or fatty deposits in the stomach area or thighs (which don’t disappear despite exercise and diet), then this is the ideal method. If you are firmly resolved to lose weight and go on a strict diet, and you’re going to the gym, to the pool, and you want to speed up the results, mezodisolution is ideal for you.

Treatments are done every ten days and someone needs only 1 to 2 treatments, while others need 7 to 10.