What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy-a technique of applying special cocktails, depending on the client’s problems – under the skin. It allows us to deliver necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals directly to the central part of the skin – the dermis.

What are the ingredients of the cocktail?

There are vitamin complexes, amino acids, lipolitics, venotonics and other natural ingredients. Physician determines the composition of the cocktail, taking into account the problem and individual characteristics of the client. Products that are used contribute to detoxification of the body, and the client will not only solve their problem, but also feel better.

How effective is mesotherapy?

Only in France, where this method was created, approximately 15 000 physicians are practicing mezotherapy, and 60 000 clients are using one of the mesotherapy methods on a daily basis. Mesotherapy seems to affect the cause of the problem, and concentrates on the local sight of the problem, rather than on the whole body.

Which aesthetic problems are solved?

It is applied for successful treatment of cellulite, local fat, skin aging , stretch marks, freckles, hair loss, treatment of acne … In body mesotherapy, this method is done in zones as follows:

Thighs and buttocks zone
Stomach and waist zone
Arms and shoulders zone
Who can have mesotherapy body treatments?

For mesotherapy there are no absolute contraindications, so everyone between 18 and 65 who want to get rid of fat in the body, can choose this method. The only requirement for success is that the body mass index doesn’t exceed 30! Effectiveness has been confirmed in hundreds of our clients, and based on our records clients lose from 2 to 10 cm in size, and on average 6 cm.

How is body mesotherapy performed?

The treatment is done once a week, and lasts about 30 minutes. Overall it takes 6 to 12 treatments. In our center, mesotherapy is performed using a pistol, and the treatment is not painful. In the first stage we apply cocktails that dramatically accelerate microcirculation. Then, in the second stage, we apply the so-called. „Defibrozants“, they break down the connective tissue, which is manifested by „hard“ parts of the fat. The third stage is the application of lipolitics, which speed up the metabolism of fat cells in the direction of fat degradation. All three stages are carried out in one session, and only the treatment carried out in this way will be successful.

Are there any side effects?

Only after careful review and extensive interviews by physicians with each client individually, can they exclude the existence of any negative effects. During the treatment, clients feel a slight discomfort and most spend their time talking or reading. The long application of this method in our country does not report a single case of allergy or infection.