is the latest device that combines the three key techniques: depresotherapy, lipolytic ultrasound and bioimendansimetry. The computer processes the data which are entered by a doctor and then suggests the best program for a specific problem and the patient. The program is different for each patient and each treatment and everything is based on the patented principle of DERMOHARMONY. The treatments are painless and relaxing. 

How does the ultrasound affect the fat?

A good cellulite treatment has to stimulate the release of fat from the treated area, also to improve blood circulation for more efficient transport of fat and water to places where they can decompose (muscles). PRUS uses ultrasound with biological frequency of 30 kHz. This frequency has some of the most remarkable effects:

Breaks down chains of triglycerides to monoglycerides which are more easily released from fat cells. Stimulates the beta cells of fat cells. These receptors are the exit doors of fat cells. Dramatically improves local circulation. The ultrasound is used in a fixed position, and penetrates to a depth of 8 cm.

What is the role of depresomassage in the dermoharmony treatment?

Depresomassage is conducted with special, ergonomically engineered, extensions. It is done directly over the skin, which provides better results. The program has a few special protocols. For example, a special program to stimulate the lymph nodes, opening them for transport of the released fat, program for draining the lymphatic system, for transport of the contents of fat cells, the program for the cellulite treatment, skin toning etc.

What is bioimpendansimetry?

It is the best way to fully understand the patient’s general condition. With this method during the procedure, it is possible to determine the percentage of body fat, muscle mass, the level of the basal metabolism. A powerful computer then processes this data by comparing it with the ideal values for the patient and provides an interpretation of the general condition and treatment program.


A clinical trial at the „Malvoz“ institute in France has shown that the treatment with PRUS apparatus is 100% more effective in terms of weight loss, than other methods that use only vacuum massage. After just one procedure the loss is 1 to 3 cm in shape, and it is a real fat loss, not water.

Which problems can be solved?

PRUS has its use around the world for a wide range of problems. It successfully solves the problem of cellulite and local fat deposits, body shaping. A great number of patients find the solution in these treatments for swelling of the legs. Moreover, these treatments can solve many traumatic and rheumatic conditions, preparing patients for liposuction as well as their rehabilitation, and also its application is not limited to the body, but also applies to the face, where they solve problems of skin tone, dark circles, dewlap.